The P├ętiller at Zinc Bistro

Matt Carter's, Zinc Bistro is your French escape from the 100 plus temperatures of Arizona, offering fine dining and drinks in a metropolitan francaphone atmosphere.

Located smack dab in the middle of Kierland Commons, Zinc Bistro is the perfect spot for ambitious outdoor shoppers in need of a refreshing pick-me-up, specifically their Pettilier.

The Pétiller is a simple, bubbly concoction of sparkling lemonade, brut champagne, and supposedly vodka. The Pétiller, which roughly translated means "sparkle" en français, is, in even rougher translation, a fancy adult lemonade.

The dryness of brut cuts the sweetness of the lemonade and the raspberry infused vodka, making the cocktail subtle but satisfying. It's an ideal beverage for those in need of a little midday excitement without feeling like a midday alcoholic.

And besides, the French drink at lunch all the time, right? ...Right.

Ingredients: -1.5 oz Raspberry Infused Sky Vodka -1.5 oz Sparkling Lemonade -Brut Champagne Floater -Lemon twist

Method: -Combine raspberry infused vodka and sparkling lemonade in a glass (no shaking necessary) -Float brut champagne -Finish with a lemon twist

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Katie Johnson
Contact: Katie Johnson