Unholier than Thou

It’s been a while since we devoted ink/digital pixels to NunZilla, the punk-rock darlings of New Times cover-story fame (“Bad Habits,” April 5, 2007, Niki D’Andrea) and the group that infamously pulled one of the most-documented punk-rock charades this town has even seen (“More Bad Habits,” August 2, 2007, Niki D’Andrea). But that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop covering the three-gals-and-one-guy ensemble, which is one of the best straight-up punk outfits in town. Since last year’s run in this publication, the band has continued to wow local audiences with its onstage communion sideshow. Additionally, it recently made a teensy appearance in Thrasher magazine.
Sat., July 19, 9 p.m., 2008
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Steve Jansen
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