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Venue of Scottsdale Gets "Creative" with Name Change and Interior Decoration

Scottsdale just got (another) face lift.

Last week, Venue of Scottsdale released remodel details and announced that they have a brand new name.

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Venue of Scottsdale is now The Venue Scottsdale.

The 500-plus-word press release, which emphasizes the "The" much like the marketing campaign employed by The Ohio State University years ago, also dishes about a new website as well as a general makeover.

Inside, evidence of the Cajun House -- what the spot at 7117 East Third Ave. in Old Town was called pre-2003 -- remains. The main difference is added décor, ranging from the bars' granite counter tops to chic chandeliers.

On the music/nightlife tip, the joint has been past its prime for years, hosting hip-hop acts that are 10 to 20 years past their primes as well as fetish events. With its corporate-targeted upgrades, it's hard to imagine someone like Skee-Lo (the "I Wish" one-hit wonder) or a hanging-from-the-ceilings-with-meat-hooks fetish fan feeling comfortable in the remodeled spot.

At least there's a cool name to go along with the upgrades (a full photo tour is on the venue's website).

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