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Voyage Trekkers Creator Nathan Blackwell Talks Season Two, an eBook, and What's on His Must-See List

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When Blackwell first came up with the idea for the show, it came from his desire to do something in the sci-fi realm, and to do something fun. Blackwell says he wanted to just make something as funny as he possibly could.

"Originally it was just gonna be a couple of episodes, it wasn't going to be a big thing, or something that we banked on," says Blackwell. "It was just going to be fun, and we invited the people we wanted to work with, and we were all really happy with how it turned out, and we just wanted to make more."

The crew learned a lot during their first season of filming, and while their original goal was basically just to have fun, when they started talking about a second season they decided it was time to up the ante, creatively-speaking.

"Season two was let's really bring our A game," says Blackwell. "I mean, what the main goal was to have fun, but we really wanted to throw everything we could at it. So we improved the costumes, the props, and we wanted to just do something crazy ambitious like build a 25 x 25 foot bridge set."

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