Watch the Prometheus Trailer Tribute Sensation from a Phoenix Film Fest Alum

Look no further, Prometheus fans: We've got just what you need to make it through these last few nail-biting days 'til the Friday premiere of Ridley Scott's highly anticipated return to sci-fi. 

Forget Legos and Peeps, this is the Prometheus trailer in paper, and it's brought to you by Phoenix Film Festival award-winner Travis Betz.

Betz, who goes by the YouTube moniker "The Receptionist" (a nod to the humdrum job he left to launch his film career), won the 2010 Kia Motors YouTube star search for his signature brand of quirky art. His Prometheus trailer tribute, posted Monday, showcases the imaginative skills that have earned his channel more than 2.5 million views.

When not carefully crafting paper kitten rappers (Vanilla Mice is going down), Betz is an accomplished indie filmmaker probably best known as the writer/director of 2009 horror/romance/comedy Lo.

In 2011, he took home the Phoenix Film Festival's Dan Harkins Breakthrough Filmmaker Award for his horror musical The Dead Inside, a film for everyone who's ever lovingly scribbled "Mrs. Zombie Apocalypse" in their middle-school notebooks.

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