Work by Colin Chillag, Sue Chenoweth, Jen Urso, Saskia Jorda, Steven Yazzie, and more Phoenix Artists in New American Paintings

If you act fast, you can nab a copy of the the 2011 West Issue of New American Paintings, full of work by Phoenix artists. 

The bi-monthly national magazine is a juried exhibition-in-print. Each edition features the work of 40 painters, selected from thousands of applications and recommendations by a recognized curator. 

No. 96 was juried by Cassandra Coblentz, Curator, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) and features work by local painter Colin Chillag on the cover. 

Coblentz writes in the introduction, "the artists represented in these pages demonstrate the vitality of artistic practice in this region of the country. Boldly building upon the richness of art history, their demonstrations of reinvention and innovation are in step with the mythos of the landscape itself, which continues to serve as an important backdrop for exploring the most pressing issues and concerns we all face in the West."

Check out the full list of artists featured in in this edition after the jump ... 

The 40 artists included in the edition are: Thomas D. Aaron, Libby Barbee, Laura Spalding Best, William Betts, Christie Blizard, Paul Booker, Joe Bussell, Sue Chenoweth, Colin Chillag, Claudio Dicochea, Corey Drieth, Julie Dunker, Nina Elder, Tommy Fitzpatrick, Charles Fresquez, Scott Greene, Mira Hnatyshyn, Ruth Hiller, Chelsea James, Saskia Jorda, Lenka Konopasek, Renata Lucia, Carrie Marill, Richard Martinez, Daniel McFarlane, Steven J. Miller, Joseph Noderer, Joseph Phillips, Todd Pospichal, Zach Reini, Bryce Speed, Christopher St. Leger, Benjamin Terry, William Tinker, Jen Urso, Kathryn Van Steenhuyse, Sarah Williams, Laura Sharp Wilson, Steven J. Yazzie, and Sydney Yeager.

The magazine is available at bookstores, but you can also order a copy online through the New American Paintings website for $20. 

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