• @flahertyjoseph
    6 August, 2019

    RT @SeamusBlackley: Two weeks ago, with the help of Egyptologist @drserenalove and Microbiologist @rbowman1234, I went to Boston’s MFA and…

  • @flahertyjoseph
    1 August, 2019

    RT @latimes: Last month, Needles city leaders declared this town along the Colorado River a “sanctuary city” for the 2nd Amendment. https:/…

  • @flahertyjoseph
    27 July, 2019

    RT @stevenjhsieh: Former journalism student at ASU: https://t.co/UGgsW1EwIP

  • @flahertyjoseph
    26 July, 2019

    RT @washingtonpost: Doctors, parents and schools grapple with teens addicted to e-cigarettes https://t.co/sKeExbkNGg

  • @flahertyjoseph
    24 July, 2019

    RT @PamReporting: About six months ago, I began an enormous project: To find other places like Paradise, California, at risk of wildfire in…


Joseph Flaherty

Joseph Flaherty

Joseph Flaherty is a staff writer at New Times. Originally from Wisconsin, he is a graduate of Middlebury College and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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