Courtesy of Handlebar-J


Courtesy of Handlebar-J
Folks have ambled into this honky-tonk hideout since the ’60s, back when Waylon Jennings was a regular, patrons hitched their horses outside, and the place was called Wild Bill’s. Its corner of North Scottsdale has become a bit more ostentatious in the ensuing years (they didn’t have beauty bars or tanning salons back in Waylon’s day), but Handlebar J’s has stayed true to its old-school country pedigree. Inside, hundreds of cowboy hats hang from the rafters, Wild West ephemera is everywhere, and a full selection of brews and booze are available at its sprawling bar. There are wings, burgers, and racks of ribs on the menu and both country and western coming from the sound system or stage. The historic bar is owned by members of the Herndon family, who have kept Handlebar J’s spirit going for decades now, and celebrity crooners like Lyle Lovett, Kris Kristofferson, and Vince Gill have all drank and sang here.

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