Mucha Lucha Taco Shop

Mucha Lucha Taco Shop, with locations in south Scottsdale and south Tempe, is a lucha libre-themed taco shop that specializes in guisados, the home-style Mexican braises that are slowly simmered for hours, and prepared with different blends of chiles and seasonings. You’ll find about a half-dozen varieties of meat preparations, including an excellent chipotle chicken tinga, a very spicy chile verde, and slightly crisp, flavorful carnitas. All of these are dolloped onto your choice of corn or flour tortillas. There are also enormous, and enormously tasty, burritos, including a meat-lovers burrito called El Hefe, and massive Surf & Turf burrito stuffed with big, plump shrimp, bundles of slightly chewy carne asada, and layered with grilled peppers, beans, and rice.