Lauren Saria

Steak 44

Despite being an upscale dining spot, Steak 44 somehow manages to also feel like a comfortable neighborhood restaurant. On any given night you might find couples enjoying a casual meal at the bar, while families gather to celebrate special occasions in the dark, well-appointed dining room. Part of the draw is Steak 44's modern steakhouse menu, which includes some unexpected options such as soft shell crabs in vanilla bean tempura and fried deviled eggs. Even classic steakhouse offerings like the shrimp cocktail are likely to exceed expectations; Steak 44's features some of the biggest, sweetest shrimps we've ever tasted. The restaurant steaks are also available in smaller, and therefore more affordable, sizes. Try the 12 ounce Delmonico for a dinner that's full on flavor and a bit slimmer on price. As with all of the restaurant's steaks, it's a hand cut, wet-aged piece of beef that offers beautiful marbling throughout. It arrives at your table drenched in butter -- though you can also up the ante with a side of truffle butter for added oomph. Read our review.