Lauren Cusimano

TT Roadhouse

Upon entering TT Roadhouse, a petite neighborhood tavern with a hint of biker bar in south Scottsdale, you’re not sure where to look first. There are shelves of impressive whiskeys (and beer, don’t worry), a TT Roadhouse-emblazoned pool table felt and multitudes of racing tchotchkes (the bar is named after a motorcycle race on the Isle of Man). The small structure was a farmhouse at some point, but a bar since the early ’60s. For fun, you’ve got the jukebox packed with punk, ska, outlaw country, New Wave, and long-haul trucker anthems, a feature film playing on the TV, or conversations with a friendly, longtime bartender or patron. TT Roadhouse was run by the late Richard “Rick” Skoog (though most called him Skoog) from 2009 'till 2020, but the bar has not lost its flavor since his death. Not sure what to order at TT? Try the Trashcan Special — a can of PBR or Hamm’s with a well shot for $4.50, all day, every day.


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