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Don’t fear the reefer: 5 products to elevate your Halloween

Take your Halloween to a new high with edibles, drinkables, pre-rolls and rosin from Phoenix's weed connoisseurs.
Sneakers' Unwind pre-rolls burn exquisitely with the skunky and sweet jet fuel aromas that many OG stoners will love.
Sneakers' Unwind pre-rolls burn exquisitely with the skunky and sweet jet fuel aromas that many OG stoners will love. O'Hara Shipe
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Halloween isn’t just for kids and college students anymore.

Those of us who want to throw on a costume and get krunk on a Tuesday night — Hump Day be damned — can find unabated energy with cannabis hybrids such as Drip’s Sherbanger OG Live Rosin Batter. If throwing on your favorite sweatpants and binge-watching horror movies is more your speed, Sneakers’ pre-rolls will leave you blissed out on the couch all night. Or, if you're on trick-or-treat duty with the kids, a sweet cookie from Mint Cannabis is both discreet and potent.

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite cannabis treats to help elevate your Halloween, no matter how you choose to spend it.
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High Tide Seltzers are nanoemulsified to help you find your ideal high in no time.
O'Hara Shipe

High Tide Seltzers by Cannabis Beverage Co.

Alcoholic seltzers are all the rage, but they come with a major drawback: The hangovers are brutal. Enter High Tide from Cannabis Beverage Co. The uplifting seltzers are infused with nanoemulsified cannabis to help speed up the effects of the THC. So, instead of waiting an hour for your high to kick in, you’ll likely feel it before you even finish your first seltzer.

High Tide comes in two dosage options — 3 or 10 milligrams — which allows you to build up to your ideal high. Plus, with punchy flavors such as Prickly Pear Lime, Peach Mango, Raspberry Lemon and Pineapple Passion Fruit, there’s something to delight every palate.

High Tide seltzers are available at The Flower Shop.
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The sister company of RR Brothers, Catri, was established in 2021.
O'Hara Shipe

Gummies by Catri

Is there anything better than a cold horchata on a warm night? How about a potent 10-mg horchata-flavored gummy that doesn’t melt in your pocket and delivers a happy, social high? Now that sounds epic!

Created as an homage to La Catrina, the queen of Día de los Muertos, Catri is the sister company of renowned gummy-makers RR Brothers. Catri took all of the things RR Brothers are famous for — unique flavors, high-quality ingredients and potency — and turned them into a celebration of Latin American culture. Choose from flavors such as chamoy, tamarind, dulce de leche and horchata.

Catri gummies are available at JARS Cannabis and Mint Cannabis.
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Mint Cafe bakes its pot cookies in a variety of tantalizing flavors.
O'Hara Shipe

Fresh baked cookies by The Mint Cannabis

Arguably, the only thing more classic than pot brownies is pot cookies. But Mint Cannabis’ pot cookies take the game to a whole new level with sophisticated flavors such as vegan pumpkin chocolate chip and cookies 'n cream. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic sugar cookie with sprinkles, either.

The cookies come in 50-mg or 100-mg dosages, but a handy dosing guide included with each cookie can help you break them down into even smaller doses if desired. Because the cookies are infused with hybrid cannabis, you can expect a nice, mid-level high that won’t leave you couch-locked or in perpetual motion.

Head to Mint Cannabis in Tempe for the freshest cookies.
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Drip Oils + Extracts is an ERRRL Cup-winning company and Best of Phoenix winner.
O'Hara Shipe

Sherbanger OG Live Rosin Batter by Drip

Drip Oils + Extracts may be newer to the market, but it has quickly risen to prominence, even claiming this year's Best of Phoenix award for Best Concentrates. However, even among the company's ERRL Cup-winning offerings, Sherbanger OG is a standout. Made with dry sift and flower that is separated by heat and pressure, Drip’s solventless batter is one of its heaviest hitters. Because of the limited availability of high-quality sift, Sherbanger OG is only released in small quantities, making it even more of a treat to imbibe.

The best way to savor this concentrate is with a dab rig and in exceedingly small quantities. At 75.5% THC, even small hits will have you baked beyond belief. Luckily, even when stoned, this hybrid will make you outgoing enough to wear that terrible donkey costume but chill enough not to care when people call you a jackass all night.

Sherbanger OG Live Rosin Batter is available at Tru|Med dispensaries across the Valley.
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Cultivated to help you sleep, Death Star flower is a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel.
O'Hara Shipe

Unwind 0.5 gram pre-rolls by Sneakers

"Saw" marathon leave you in shambles? Let Sneakers’ pre-roll pack in Unwind come to your rescue. The pack features five 0.5-g pre-rolls filled with Death Star flower. Cultivated to help you sleep, Death Star is a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel — two strains loaded with caryophyllene terps, which are believed to help with anxiety.

The pre-rolls burn exquisitely with the skunky and sweet jet fuel aromas that many OG stoners will love. Heavy cannabis consumers will also be thrilled by the high 25.98% THC content. But buyer beware: These pre-rolls may be too much for newer consumers to handle.

Pick up Unwind pre-roll packs at Curaleaf locations across the Valley.
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