Here Are 10 Great Songs About Food (for the Most Part)

Get ready to eat to the beat.
Get ready to eat to the beat. Private Stock Records/Wikimedia Commons

While most songs about “food” have hidden meanings — risqué or otherwise — they can still make the brain picture the literal lyrics. We're talking about pizza, candy, and buttered popcorn. Here are 10 great songs about food, most of which are open to interpretation, but all of which are highly appetizing.

'A Little Something Refreshing'

No Doubt

Before Rock Steady (and some say before Return of Saturn but I won’t hear it), No Doubt was actually a good band. Especially in the early days, when they were a zany, southern-California club band writing about whatever they damn well pleased. An example is "A Little Something Refreshing" off the 1992 self-titled album. It’s the epitome of songs simply listing foods. Pepperoni, pasta, burritos, cookies, avocados, churros — it’s all here.


The B-52s

When the summer’s away it’s baking season in the Valley. And if you need an inspirational anthem, there’s no better jam than “Cake” by The B-52s. Found on the criminally underrated Mesopotamia EP from 1982, the track covers what it's like to spend a day in the kitchen with lyrics like “If you want a better batter, better beat it harder.” It’s also great when Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson really let their Georgia speak fly.

'Anti Pizza'

Horse the Band

Everyone’s favorite synth-heavy hardcore band from the aughts offers one of the most powerful odes to an Italian dish. The track “Anti Pizza” is four minutes of heavy and hilarious ramblings about cheese, dough, and the universe. And if you’ve got a taste for more heavy pie-themed songs, know the entire five-track album is dedicated to the dish, and appropriately titled Pizza.


Presidents of the United States of America

There’s been no more a melodic plea for fresh fruit than Presidents of the United States of America’s 1995 hit “Peaches.” Hearing the first few chords takes you right back to the days of alternative radio station listening, which is followed by an intense hunger for a bite of an over-ripe peach.

'Turkey Sandwich'

Mika Miko

Before they were in Bleached, the Clavin sisters were in Mika Miko, where they were still rude dude(ette)s with lots of 'tude. One simple song from the last album, 2009’s We Be Xuxa, cuts to the core of the group: "Turkey Sandwich." While there is a deeper meaning, the chorus is fun and appetizing: “I want turkey / Sandwich.” Sing and repeat.

'I Want Candy'

Bow Wow Wow

No matter how many terrible movies (and one good one) this song has scored, Bow Wow Wow rules and so does their major single, “I Want Candy.” Though the track itself dates back to 1965, and there have other (mostly terrible) versions, Annabella Lwin does the best job with the provided lyrics. Yes, we know the song is about a dude, but it totally makes you envision heaps of giant lollipops, swirling chocolate, and gummy candies.

'Buttered Popcorn'

The Supremes

This song is so sweet, you almost wonder if it isn’t a little salty, which is to say a euphemism for something. Well, it is. But at face value, “Buttered Popcorn,” the 1961 single from The Supremes, is all about one man’s need for more and more gooey, salty, buttered popcorn — so much so that it worries our narrator so.

'Ham ’n’ Eggs'

A Tribe Called Quest

No song could make you ache for grandma’s cooking than "Ham ’n’ Eggs" off of A Tribe Called Quest’s debut album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. The song lists a plethora of home-cooked items and snacks (asparagus, Slim Jims, and chicken, chicken, chicken). But there's also some hesitation, best encapsulated in that recurring line, “I don't eat no ham and eggs / ‘Cause they're high in cholesterol.”

'Eat to the Beat'


The title track of Blondie’s fourth studio album, 1979’s Eat to the Beat, is definitely about jerking off, but also about snacking. And drugs too, probably. But back to food. Some highlighted treats here include peanut butter, a piece of pizza, and finally, after overdoing it a bit, some Alka Seltzer.

'Eat It'

"Weird Al" Yankovic

There are many examples of "Weird Al" Yankovic’s musical genius, but none so great as "Eat It" off 1984's In 3-D. The finger-wagging tune rips Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” — obviously — while still keeping some of the original lyrics in that one line (“Get yourself an egg and beat it”).
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