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The Phoenix Rock Lottery is back in 2024 for its 10th year

Twenty-five local musicians enter, five bands leave. Here are the details.
Scenes from a previous Phoenix Rock Lottery event.
Scenes from a previous Phoenix Rock Lottery event. Jim Louvau
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Phoenix Rock Lottery, the annual local music event, is returning in 2024 for its 10th installment.

It'll return to Crescent Ballroom on Feb. 3, 2024.

Here's how it works: On the morning of Feb. 3, 25 local musicians will gather at the venue. They'll be split up into five new bands by drawing names from a hat. Throughout the day, the bands will each choose a name, write three original songs and learn one cover tune. Then, in the evening, each band will show off the day's work during a live performance.

This year's participants have not been announced, but in the past, they've been some of the biggest names in Phoenix music, including members of Jimmy Eat World, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Breakup Shoes, Playboy Manbaby, AJJ, Sydney Sprague, Upsahl and more.

Though the lineup of musicians changes every year, some things have remained the same: Phoenix Rock Lottery is again being put on by promoter Psyko Steve Presents, and proceeds from the event continue to benefit Rosie's House, a local nonprofit organization that delivers the gift of music education through instruments and free instruction to underserved youth of the greater Phoenix area.

Phoenix Rock Lottery. 7 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. show. Saturday, Feb. 3, Crescent Ballroom, 308 N. Second Ave. Cost is $15 in advance and $20 at the door.
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