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And Then There Were Three: Gokey, Allen, Lambert Left on 'Idol'

So after Allison Iraheta got kicked off American Idol last week, there was only one question that remained: Who would join guy-linered Adam Lambert in the finals?

I've made no secret about my Gokey hatred. But even I can admit that between him and Kris Allen, The Bespectacled One is going to be going mano-a-mano with Adam next week.

Kris Allen might have a little bit of a thin voice compared to Gokey, but he's always consistent and does really interesting things with the arrangements of the songs he sings (see last night's version of Kanye's "Heartless"). He can be boring at times, and in no way did he deserve to make it this far, but I'll take him over Gokey any day.

Gokey, on the other hand, has a unique voice, but when he tries to do something different (last night's "You Are So Beautiful"), it bores me to tears. And it also creeps me out when he sings lyrics like, "You turned this boy into a man," but that's neither here nor there. Mostly, he does what the judges always got on Lil Rounds' case for: Doing the same old rendition of a song. He just happens to have a more distinctive voice than Lil, so he doesn't get as much crap from the judges. I call shenanigans.

Also, somebody should tell that man that he should never, ever, ever be allowed to try to dance again. Props to Paula, though, for picking an interesting song for him to sing.

I thought Adam Lambert's versions of U2's "One" was amazing, while his version of Aerosmith's "Cryin" wasn't his best but was still pretty decent (somebody needs to fire the backup singer on that song). Clearly, Simon wants Adam to win. He practically implored people to vote for Adam. And more so than I think any other contestant in Idol  history, Adam deserves to be in the finals.

Also, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little in love with his hot dad.

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Yvonne Zusel
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