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Arty Girl: The "Other" First Friday, Tonight at Heritage Square

Expect a crowd tonight on Roosevelt Row.

If Benjamin Leatherman's blog from earlier today is any indication, tonight could get pretty dang nuts.

But Arty Girl doesn't want to talk about that First Friday, No, no...let's talk about the other one...the one that should be a little more calm.

I first mentioned the Heritage Square First Friday Artwalk a few blogs ago when the event's main organizer and artist, Sean Deckert, was initially putting out the word.

Deckert has been working with Artlink, the Rosson House Foundation and the City of Phoenix Heritage Square Park Manager to organize a different kind of First Friday art walk. He's put together an outdoor art gallery at Heritage Square - the pedestrian-friendly, beautifully kept city park on the northwest corner of Washington and 7th St (same spot as the AZ Science Center, Pizzeria Bianco and the Rose and Crown Pub). Here, artists can set up their artworks without all the collateral action.

Now, I would never dis what we've got going on Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue. In fact, every month I go out, I'm amazed at the gobs of people who flock to the area. Even in the thick of this past summer, the streets were teeming with Phoenicians and, with the weather turning, I expect this season to be stellar.

That said, I certainly empathize with Deckert. He wants to offer an art walk without the street fair vibe. It's an opportunity for artists to really show their stuff, make some sales (hopefully) and give viewers the time to take in the visuals...without the risk of getting distracted by a stilt-walker, street rapper or sidewalk tap dancer.

Tonight, Deckert has lined up 12 participating artists (including himself). You'll see photography, painting, video, mixed media and an installation piece. DJ 4th Step will be spinning from 5 p.m. on.

Here's to the inaugural night of the Heritage Square art walk which is scheduled to happen every First Friday from here on out.

The Heritage Square art walk takes place tonight from 5-10 p.m. on the northwest corner of Washington and 7th St. in Phoenix.

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