Before Braille

Tired of Not Being Away From Here has the same signature style as other Before Braille records -- powerful rock with gut-wrenching lyrics -- but with this latest effort, the Phoenix band has spread its wings a bit wider, building more harmonies and instruments (including a notable trumpet on "Well Aswell") into the sound. The song "Proventil" opens the disc and offers what listeners would want from a typical guitar-driven Before Braille song -- a marching rhythm that makes you picture vocalist Dave Jensen stomping back and forth onstage, thumping a microphone against his chest. Not all of the band's songs are anthemic; "Losing Feeling" is a soothing yet painful song reminiscent of material from the Balance and Timing EP. Before Braille still garners Jimmy Eat World comparisons, but that doesn't mean the band hasn't grown. It has the same sound, only fuller, with stronger guitar bridges throughout. Tired of Not Being Away From Here will make for energetic live shows, and even the band will have trouble keeping from dancing (okay, Before Braille would do that anyway).

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