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Can KWSS' Beef Vegan Bring Rock 'n' Roll to the West Valley?

You don't need us to remind you that the Valley is a massive piece of land. Phoenix alone is a whopping 517 square miles, according to Wikipedia (which is never wrong, right?). That dwarfs metropolises such as Chicago (234 square miles) and Seattle (142 square miles). Even Los Angeles is smaller than Phoenix (but just barely).

All these numbers add up to one thing: We live in a city that requires you to drive (or take the rail, if you're lucky) if you want to grab a drink at a cool spot, find good eating, or catch great live music. Until now, the West Valley, in particular, has been devoid of such places. Sure, professional sports is in town, and you can get your drink on at Westgate, but where can you find the rock 'n' roll?

Well, have no fear West Valley residents, Beef Vegan, host of KWSS 106.7's morning show, The Morning Infidelity, is trying to change all that with a new monthly event starting Saturday, September 8, at Salty Señorita in Peoria.

"We've been looking for the ideal spot to have an event like this," Beef Vegan says. "We want to make it a First Friday-type of thing. Salty Señorita is the perfect property for that because it's so big; there's plenty of land, parking and it's also a restaurant, so we can make it all-ages."

Second Saturday's is a free festival that brings together music, art and volleyball to two acres of glorious space. The inaugural show will be anchored by locals The Wiley One, Ruca, The Broken Rhodes, Westcott Avenue, and Los Angeles' Golden State.

Ink Therapy Tattoo will be on hand to provide a live art show and gallery, while a volleyball tournament will also take place.

"The idea is to bring the show to the audience, knowing that we have a lot of people that live in this area," he says. "The drive is always questionable when you live in a city where everything is a half-hour away. Nobody else is doing shows like this on this side of town -- and since I promote shows, I'm putting my flag down."

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