Club Candids

Club Candids: Smashboxx & Dollhouse

Everyone's trying to get more bang for their buck these days. That's even true for the thriftier members of the young and beautiful party crowd, who usually show up early at nightspot hotspots in order to score early bird drink specials before the rest of the population crowd the place.

And then there's the crowd that flocks to Smashboxx and The Dollhouse, the pair of side-by-side Scottsdale clubs located on Indian Plaza in Old Town that rarely have a cover charge and offer twice the chance to drink, dance, and debauch during any given weekend.

Check out the action at both joints in this week's installment of Club Candids.

Despite Scottsdale big-baller image and its aura of exclusivity, both spots (which are owned by nightlife impresario Chad Landau) eschew sky-high admission prices and pretty much let anyone and everyone inside for free. Well, provided they're dressed in clubwear, that is. (In other words: No sneakers, jorts, ballcaps, or jerseys, yo.)

Once they breeze through the velvet ropes, patrons of both Smashboxx and The Dollhouse get to double their pleasure and double their fun as each joint rocks its own vibe and amenities.

For instance, Smashboxx has more of manly-man brodeo feel, as evidenced by the huge photo of '70s screen star (and Hollywood über-mensch) Steve McQueen. It isn't a full-on sausage fest, however, as the place's population is 60/40 guys and girls. Both engage in the usual nightlife rituals of sucking down high-octane cocktails from the large bar, thrashing about on the dance floor, or engaging in inebriated exploits in the Hotboxx Booth, which records videos of drunken fun that are uploaded to the Interwebz.

Over at its feminine counterpart The Dollhouse next door, however, the vibe is more of a girls night out kind of place, where a crowd consisting mostly of the fairer sex fills smaller floorspace and sips on high-style handmade cocktails while she-jays like Hemmesphere drop techno and electro and the female waitstaff sports tutus and dances atop the bar.

The Club Candids cameras spent the evening of Saturday, October 13, at both Smashboxx and the Dollhouse and got plenty of amusing snapshots, which you can see for yourself via this week's slideshow.

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