Enrique Iglesias Disses Anna Kournikova in "I Like It"

It doesn't matter how hot Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias is--in his song "I Like It," he proves he's also a douche.

His girlfriend Anna Kournikova better watch out, because he starts the song singing, "Girl, please excuse me if I'm coming on too strong, but tonight is the night we can really let go. My girlfriend is out of town, and I'm all alone. Your boyfriend is on vacation, and he doesn't have to know." So, not only does he outright want to cheat on his gf, but he doesn't even bother to ask the new woman her name--he just calls her "girl."

He then propositions this "girl" for sex. "No one can do the things I'm gonna wanna do to you. Shout aloud, screamin' loud." Yes, Mr. Iglesias doesn't care about going over STD history or seeing if their personalities mesh--hooking up first is important.

And let's not even mention he rhymed the words "loud" and "aloud."

After he makes the initial offer to hook up, he then starts feeling the girl up--the physical part of the cheating begins! "Girl, please excuse me if I"m misbehaving. I'm trying to keep my hands off, but you're begging me for more." Judging by how strong he come on with his previous statements, it sounds like the Riquester is trying to place the blame on "Girl" for his grabbiness.

Then listeners get a taste of the oh-so-classy Pitbull. He's not singing about hotel rooms, but he does give Tiger Woods and Jesse James, a couple other guys with faithfulness issues, shout-outs.

It's no surprise the whole reason Enrique and Pitbull are excited about their girls is because they like how the ladies shake it on the dance floor. The track is like an anthem for guys who like to go to clubs and start pseudo-molesting girls on the dance floor, and it encourages cheating. It's yet another example of a song about dancing in clubs then getting freaky in the bedroom...because so many meaningful relationships come from meeting someone while drunk at a bar.

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Nicki Escudero
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