Five Reasons to Watch Lady Gaga's "Applause"

Think a guest on Good Morning America can't bring their own chair to an interview? Think again.

The weirdness that is Lady Gaga stormed onto the GMA stage this week, as she lugged out her transparent, technology-filled chair that serves to be Gagaloo's own modern throne as she promotes her upcoming album, ARTPOP, due out November 11. She also wore a clear mask during the interview, in line with the latest promotion art that depicts Gaga as a sort of cyborg musician blending not just art and pop, but also infusing technology into her appearance.

Like always, Gaga's latest interviews are walking the line of the relatable/normal (she's just doing this all for the fans she so lovingly adores) and the uber-bizarre. After breaking her hip and having to cancel the last couple dozen dates of her Born This Way Ball, Gaga is back in full force, with energetic choreography that peppers her new video, the captivating "Applause."

While the song itself left more to be desired from a lead single from this superstar, the video is amazing. It's understandable now why Gaga says the single, which leaked a week early, was supposed to debut the same day as the video. The video takes the mumbly song and elevates it to a whole new level that really does come close to her album title: artpop. If you're not one of the nearly 20 million people who have already watched it on YouTube, here are five reasons to click play here now.

1. You get a glimpse into Gaga's early days. Before Gaga was blond and, now, light brown, she had dark hair with bangs and an equally banging bikini body. She looked, probably, the most "normal"--something like a traditional hot pop star would look.

Well, luckily for those who aren't so into Gaga's meat dresses and bright yellow hair of today, she's recreated the go-go dancer vibe with one of her video's looks, including several scenes with her writhing around in a bed and all sweaty. Gaga will probably never go back to those days, but at least she acknowledges her roots of New York City and whiskey-tinged nights (and provides some eye candy in the process.)

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2. Gaga proves you don't need makeup to be stunning. One of the coolest things about Lady Gaga has always been her embracing of the weird and ugly as beautiful. In this clip, she walks down a catwalk with no hair or makeup, and you can't help but stare.

When she's depicting the Birth of Venus, she has an ethereal look that is one of the most beautiful in the video. She even gender bends a bit, recalling her Jo Calderone character while she's in a top hat--and while you can't say she's pretty there, she certainly looks interesting -- which is what all music videos should strive to be. Gaga's ability to morph looks with ease and still make you want to look at her is impressive.

3. The choreography will have you rewinding to learn it. And, thankfully, some of it is not too difficult--you'll just need to clap. Gaga brought out an army of backup dancers for the catchy chorus, and set in black-and-white with a hand bra outfit, the moves will make you want to shake it, too.

4. The video proves why music videos are still meaningful and relevant. Gaga put a lot of production into this clip, making it like a mini-movie that is so much fun to watch. She plays more than a dozen characters, and it's so beautifully directed, it's difficult not to admit it's a piece of art.

Sure, Gaga borrows musical and visual influences from many artists (Madonna is the most prominent one), but why shouldn't she? She's now exposing a new generation to the styles of artists who came before her, which is really cool and actually quite respectful of her influences.

5. Gaga is a swan. Yep. That's right. Gaga is a swan in some scenes. This is probably the weirdest and most fantastical moment of the video, but her little look-down-and-smile move on a swan body is one that can't be missed.

What's your favorite part of "Applause"? Share in the comments.

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