Five TV Show Theme Songs Without Lyrics You'll Sing Along With Anyway

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3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
This theme song just eases you right into the laughs, as innocuous as it sounds. For some paradoxical reason this bit of stock music perfectly fits each individual character's humor, and the comedy of the show itself. I always find myself swaying back and forth, humming along with the tune, along until the song dwindles out and Charlie decides to drop acid with Frank.

2. Law & Order: SVU

Laugh all you want, but this was probably the first television theme that I found myself, in a perfectly "serious" mode, singing along with. I don't know if it's that classic "DUN...DUN" or the smooth jazz sounds that are dictating the mood of the theme song, but I can't stop singing until Ice T shows up.

Whether you choose to deny that you've sung this song--or, better yet, watched the show--I have a hard time believing it, unless you've avoided television since 1999 and never once flipped the channel to NBC or USA.

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