Fuel, Marcy Playground, and Gemini Syndrome to Play Free Concerts at Tempe Marketplace

Gemini Syndrome
Gemini Syndrome Jonathan Weiner

Modern rock fans, you’re about to get your day made.

The upcoming ROCK IT UP concert series hopes you’ll do just that at a couple of free nights of rock in April and May at Tempe Marketplace. The shows give you a chance to see some of your radio-rock favorites as they share the stage with local acts for full-length performances. They’ll give you a dose of their hits, along with other material. The venue has teamed up with radio station KUPD, 7UP, and Alt AZ to make this a free event where there’s also a beer garden with brews from Bud Light and Four Peaks.

The first installation on April 1 features Gemini Syndrome as the main act. They’re the newest of the series’ headliners, formed in just 2010, and they’ll be getting the crowd worked up in a nu-metal frenzy with their chunky riffs and energetic hits like “Stardust.”

The following month's May 12 show is a double header, with Fuel and Marcy Playground. Both of those acts formed in the '90s and pumped out hits in the later part of that decade, as well as the earlier 2000’s. Fuel’s “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)” was named Billboard’s number 5 song of that decade. Between that and “Shimmer,” another crowd pleaser, the sing-along-potential for the night is huge. It will max out for certain when Marcy Playground lets go with “Sex and Candy,” that 1997 frat-tastic favorite where the dude can’t even believe his luck in seeing a girl before him that is reminiscent of two things that rhyme — “double cherry pie” and “disco superfly.”

The music will happen on the District Stage.

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