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Gossip Girl's Top 10 Passionate and Devastating Music Moments

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It's been a long road for Gossip Girl, from the teenage backstabbing and juicy gossip in the first seasons to the characters heading off to college, flirting with the rich and powerful, and being at the root of public scandals. The show's sixth and final season premiered last night, and there are nine episodes remaining before it's done for good.

I won't be the first to say that the show isn't for everyone, but I was surprised that I ended up liking it as much as I do. It's one of those shows that you say you'll only watch an episode or two on Netflix, and before you know it, you've spent a whole afternoon watching a full season. The show is tremendously addictive and features some great music, including live performances by Florence + the Machine and St. Vincent. As the show winds down and in honor of great use of The XX on last night's episode, here are Gossip Girl's top 10 music moments.

Be warned: there are major spoilers ahead.

#10 The Drums- Down by the Water

At this point, Serena had a history with Dan and Nate, and both men still had feelings for her. She used Dan as a tool to make Colin, her new beau jealous. In classic Serena fashion, she selfishly manipulated those around her to get what she wanted. This song does a great job of capturing Dan's longing.

YouTube embedding for this video is disabled, so watch it here.

#9 Duke Spirit- Don't Wait

While Blair was fighting her feelings for Chuck and Louie, she spent a lot of time with Dan and saw him as a confidant. Though the relationship was (initially) platonic, both lied about spending time together. Dan confronts Blair about it, wondering their dishonesty was a result of "plausible deniability." The only way they would know if either had romantic feelings for each other was if they kissed. Their relationship was put on the back burner for awhile, but the couple ended up dating, much to Chuck's disdain.

The same song plays when Blair reads about the kiss in Dan's book-

#8 Sum 41- With Me

This is a rare Gossip Girl moment where most of the characters are happy. The Archibalds got busted for embezzlement, but everything else is just peachy. Lily and Rufus enjoy a romantic moment in his gallery, Jenny reconnects with her mother, Dan and Serena cuddle, and Chuck and Blair's relationship progresses in a big way. The tension builds as they start to kiss and erupts as the song speeds up.

And so begins the never ending Chuck and Blair drama.

#7 Robyn- Dancing on my Own

Speaking of which, Chuck and Blair were at odds for most of season three. They even drew up a treaty to avoid confrontation. While Serena followed around with Nate's cousin (a married congressman), Chuck and Blair fought.

"I realize we're not friends. Friends have to like each other. I could never like you," said Chuck in the build up to one of the steamiest hate sex scenes in primetime television. Who would have thought that tearing up a piece of paper would be such a turn on?

#6 Sia- I'm in Here

Time for some more Chuck and Blair drama. Season three ended with Chuck getting shot by muggers. A mysterious woman (Clémence Poésy) tends to him, and Chuck lies about his identity. They start a relationship in Paris and everything was fine until Blair made a grand entrance in an elegant red gown. Chuck struggles with his true nature and Blair claims she no longer loves him and returns his engagement ring.

#5 Florence + the Machine- Heartlines

Blair's relationship with Louis, the Prince of Monaco was strained thanks to an overbearing mother and a demanding prenup. She confessed her feelings to Chuck and it seemed like they were finally going to end up together. As they shared feelings in the back of a limo, the car crashed and Blair lost the baby. We later find out that Blair loses the baby and decides to get back together with Louis. The real kicker is that Chuck and Blair got into the wrong car- the brake fluid was drained from this one and was sent for Nate.

The song hints that all is not well and leads into the ensuing tragedy.


Adele- Rolling in the Deep

This scene is in complete contrast to the Sum 41 song featured in the first season. This season finale set the framework for all of the ensuing chaos in season five. Blair was having issues with Louis (see a pattern here?) so she met up with Chuck and the couple crashed a bar mitzvah. They hook up and Blair gets pregnant- except Chuck is not the father.

Everybody else was looking for Ivy, the girl who posed as Serena's cousin, Charlie. During her search, Vanessa stumbles across Dan's manuscript and takes the first steps in turning him into a successful writer.

#3 fun.- We Are Young

This triumphant and happy song makes a great soundtrack to the season five finale. Earlier in the episode, Blair said in French, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." These sentiments were build up here and in the season six premiere. Eleanor is handing over her fashion label to Blair, who is one again trying to put her feelings for Chuck behind her. Nate is hot on the trail of finding the true identity of Gossip Girl- really, when will we see Kristen Bell's face on the show? A vengeful Dan decides to take down the whole Upper East Side, and after a huge brawl, Blair kicked Serena out. The season ends with Serena buying drugs and getting felt up by a stranger- none other than Gabe Saporta.

Yet somehow, all of the characters are speaking again at the start of season six. Go figure.

#2 M83- Wait

M83 seems to be Gossip Girl's go to for hospital music. "Too Late" played when Chuck rushed to the hospital after his dad was involved in a seemingly fatal accident. This was a big bonding moment for Chuck and Blair, as she told him that he's become more of a man than Bart ever was.

In this scene, "Outro" plays as Blair receives news that she lost the baby in the accident. She pleads with God, offering to marry Louis in exchange for Chuck's life. As she says "and never be with him [Chuck] again," a nurse opens the chapel doors and informs Blair that Chuck is alive. She avoids Chuck until the wedding, where she declared her feelings for him but goes through with the wedding anyway.

The song makes the scene that much more powerful, really bringing to light the cinematic quality of Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.

#1 Death Cab For Cutie- The Ice is Getting Thinner

The series' first major break up is one of the hardest hitting overall. Serena felt guilty about the man she thought she killed, so she lied to Dan and claimed she slept with two guys. Out of spite, Dan slept with Georgina. Serena tells the truth and pleads for their relationship to last, but Dan ultimately calls it off. This all happens at her mother's wedding, as Serena tries to act like everything is fine.

It's heartbreaking when Dan and Serena are asked to dance and pose for photos. Serena doesn't want to let go. When the photographer leaves, she says, "He's gone, you can let go now" and he responds, "I know, I don't want to," and they slow dance all night.

This song couldn't have been more fitting-- after all, who knows devastation better than Ben Gibbard?

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