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Here's A Playlist For Arizona Pot Legalization Should Proposition 205 Pass

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If you believe the most recent poll, Proposition 205, which would legalize marijuana in the state of Arizona, is slightly behind in the polls.

That means it's going to be a wheezy, uphill battle for pot smokers who wish to come out of the hot-boxed closet and enjoy a toke in their homes. On the plus side though, if you're the type to dismiss news that doesn't confirm your preconceived world view, that poll has an out: The company that conducted it, Data Orbita, is headed by George Khalef, the former head of the Arizona Republican Party, a decidedly anti-marijuana group. Discredit at will.

It all might come down to turnout, much like the presidential election. The more young people that stop catching Pokemon and checking Reddit and vote tomorrow, the more likely Prop 205 will pass and that Hillary Clinton might siphon off Arizona's electoral college votes. If Arizona elders get out the vote, the opposite will likely happen.

So in the case that Arizona voters take the historic step and legalize marijuana tomorrow, here's are some songs for the celebration.

Dylan Kelly - "All My Friends Are High"
Choice lyric: "I think they're getting hungry /  'Cause AJ's got the munchies / He wants Jack In The Box tacos /He says they're super crunchy"

There's no better victory dance than putting on this Dylan Kelly number. It's a dumb, fun song — basically tailor-made for marijuana consumption.

Bob Marley - "Kaya"
Choice Lyric:  "I'm so high, I even touch the sky / Above the falling rain / I feel so good in my neighborhood"

Man, how high must Bob Marley have been when he wrote this feel-good marijuana classic? Those lazy lyrics could not have been written under anything than a heavy, stoned stupor. This song came out in 1978, and dozens of professional rappers have rhymed "high" with "sky" and "good" with "neighborhood" since.

Peter Tosh - "Legalize It"
Choice lyric: "Doctors smoke it / Nurses smoke it / Judges smoke it /Even lawyer, too"

This line is a lot more of a bold assertion than the previous lyric, which says, "Singers smoke it /And players of instrument, too." Oh, musicians smoke pot? You don't say, Peter Tosh. Thanks for opening up our world view.

Sublime - "Smoke Two Joints"
Choice Lyric: "I smoke two joints in time of peace, and two in time of war."

We bet a lot of residents will smoke a lot more than two joints should Proposition 205 pass in Arizona.

Black Sabbath - "Sweet Leaf"
Choice Lyric: "Straight people don't know, what you're about / They put you down and shut you out."

This song inspired an entire genre, stoner metal, and is certainly spacey enough to please even the most discerning stoned ear.

Beatles - "Got To Get You Into My Life"
Choice Lyric: "Ooh, you were meant to be near me / Ooh, and I want you hear me / Say we'll be together every day"

It's not mystery that Sir Paul wrote this song as an ode to marijuana shortly after trying the sweet leaf for the first time. It turned out to be one of the better songs he ever wrote. Even John Lennon, who post-breakup would go on to essentially disavow many Beatles songs, liked this song, calling it one of McCartney's best.

Ice Cube - "Smoke Some Weed"
Choice Lyric: "I don't give a fuck what you bitches drinkin' /smoke some weed."

A key argument made during the legalization campaign was that weed should be regulated like alcohol, and advocates presented marijuana as a safer alternative to booze. Ice Cube apparently agrees with the latter.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - "The Weed Song"
Choice Lyric: "Every time I smoke good reefer that indo high makes me fly / If everybody smoked a blunt, relieve the mind, the world could / Be a better place"

This song is basically a sexy slow jam for Mary Jane. It's surprisingly optimistic. That's all you really need to know.

Heiroglyphics - "Heatish"
Choice Lyric: "Damn I'm swervin' / Puffin' on the magic wand like I was Merlin / Picture that, beanie look a magician hat/ kickin' back, with a sack, blowin' clouds of urban."

You'll be able to smoke weed, hash and keef if weed gets legalized today.

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg - "The Next Episode"
Choice Lyric:  "It's California Love, this California bud got a nigga gang of pub"

This song isn't necessarily about weed, besides the iconic ending line from Nate Dogg and a few nods from Snoop and Dre. In fact, it's not really about anything at all, but it's got a classic beat and Nate Dogg's legendary exhortation at the end to smoke weed every day.

Cypress Hill - "I Wanna Get High"
Choice Lyric: "Yes I smoke shit, straight off the roach clip / I roach it roll the blunt at once to approach it"

B-Real's flow is smooth like the greenest ganja on this classic stoner track. Almost every line of the single verse on this song contains a buttery rhyme that blissfully flows over the lackadaisical beat. He also throws a Clinton reference — "My oven is on high, when I roast da Quayle / Tell Bill Clinton to go and inhale," so this song is double appropriate today.

Redman - "How to Roll A Blunt"
Choice Lyric: "Purchase a Phillie, not the city of Philly / Silly punk, I'm talking 'bout the shit called the Phillie blunt"

This song is so friggin' good — just pure, funky, vintage early-'90s Redman. The first verse is simply Redman just explaining how to roll a blunt. The verse is filled with end rhymes, side rhymes, internal rhymes; it's just magnificent.

Pink Floyd - "The Great Gig In The Sky"
Choice Lyric: "Woah-oh, oh-oh, oooooh eeeyy ah AAHHHHHHHHH"

Dark Side of the Moon is, of course, a quintessential stoner album. But one shouldn't indulge in this song until after the festivities end should legalization occur — you don't want to derail the celebrations with a prolonged discussion on mortality and falliability. Save this one for bedtime.

Here's the complete playlist, with a few bonus tracks that didn't make the main list. Enjoy.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.