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Hog Wylde

If you asked Black Label Society guitarist/singer Zakk Wylde if he were a beer, what kind would he be, he'd probably heroically spout out the names of some hearty stout or high-octane Indian Pale Ale. Sadly, as evidenced on Black Label Society: The European Invasion — Doom Troopin' Live, a two-disc DVD released August 22 by Eagle Rock Entertainment, the very drunk and rambling Wylde turns out to be more Pabst Blue Ribbon than Guinness — white trash, cheap, and obnoxiously tasteless. But Wylde doesn't get paid to be clean or to speak in complete sentences. And when the beer-obsessed Wylde finally shuts up and plays, his monstrous chops shine through in every pilsner-soaked arpeggio. Almost as annoying as Ted Nugent but definitely as fashion-challenged, the bearded and flannel-clad Grizzly Adams of metal shreds it up on more than two hours of European concert footage collected on Disc One of the set. Highlights include absolutely ripping performances of "Suicide Messiah" and "Spoke in the Wheel." Disc Two features 50 minutes of choice Wylde double entendres — he gushes about the love of the global BLS family, then threatens "fucking dumb-ass fucks in the crowd with a fucking baseball bat." Rock on.
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Casey Lynch