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Kevin Daly @ Yucca Tap Room

For musicians, there are songwriters you like — the songwriters you try to emulate — and then there are the songwriters who live as kindred spirits. Tucson's Al Perry says he and Kevin Daly, whose 30-plus-year music career in the Valley has included elements of rockabilly, honky-tonk, blues, and punk, are essentially "different branches of the same tree." Recalling the days when his Cattle would play Phoenix-Tucson exchange gigs with Daly's bands the Geezers and Hellfire, Perry says the shared "rootsy rock with the punk edge" was a calling card for a whole scene of bands Daly influenced. "We've covered each other's songs and played jams with each other throughout the years," Perry says. This year, Perry, who'll play at this Saturday's Daly tribute show, and longtime collaborator Loren Dircks recorded Daly's "She Don't Love You" for Tales from the Dogpile, a three-volume collection of 34 bands covering Daly's songs. The first volume, The Rock, was released in October. The Roots came out last month, and The Ruckus will be celebrated with a release show Saturday. "Every now and then, you meet somebody and you've got this kindred spirit thing going," Perry says. "It's like your long-lost brother. Meeting Kevin was like looking into the mirror for me." The Tales From the Dogpile: The Ruckus release show also is scheduled to feature more of Daly's contemporaries, including The Nova Boys, Sticky Dog King, Jim Bachmann y Los Fuegaderos, Jimmy Pines & Washboard Jere, and a special set from the man himself.

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