Kickin' It: Artists Who Have Kicked Fans Out of Shows or Gotten Themselves Kicked Out

Every so often, you find yourself at the same concert as that one guy who's an attention-hungry douchebag that starts a fight in the crowd. At some shows you sort of expect it, but it seems to happen all the time.

Some seriously great musicians have had no shame in the past when it came to kicking people out of their shows for starting a fight with another fan. As we mentioned earlier this week, fans really got a kick out of (see what I did there?) Dave Grohl tossing a fan out of the iTunes Festival this summer. Dave didn't hesitate to give hell to the concertgoer who caused the ruckus. "You don't come to my show to fight. You come to my show to fucking dance, you asshole." You tell 'em, Dave!

Let's take a look at more (literally) ass-kicking artists who have been told and told others to GTFO.


At our very own local arena show in Glendale in August 2009, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd halted the gig when he noticed two fans were having it out with each other in the front of the pit. During the acoustic part of the set. What? Their hit "Drive" was interrupted, but Boyd made sure those losers were escorted out.

Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

There was a whole lot of hype about Odd Future's performance on the first day of Coachella this year. Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator was excited about it too, and who could blame him? Not quite in the spirit of Coachella but as a nice way to beat the heat, cursing out a security guard and spraying him with a water gun got Tyler kicked out of Coachella a day after Odd Future's performance. Unsurprisingly, Tyler got himself back into the Coachella grounds to perform with Lil B and the rest of Odd Future.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance, who are currently on tour with Blink-182, recently had some issues with one of their members. Drummer Michael Pedicone (you maybe have heard of his dad) was fired after he was caught stealing from his bandmates at their show in Auburn, Washington. Doesn't it suck when you try to frame a roadie you hate and instead you get caught redhanded and lose what was probably the greatest job you'll ever have? MCR and Blink's Honda Civic Tour is scheduled to stop by Tempe Beach Park for Fall Frenzy on September 30. Oh wait, that's right -- they are still boycotting Arizona, so they won't be here after all. Suckers.

Coheed & Cambria

While Coheed & Cambria isn't scheduled to come to town anytime soon, they still have an interesting story of their own. Back in July, Coheed & Cambria's bassist Mic Todd got kicked out of the band after he was arrested before a show in which the band was to open up for Soundgarden in Massachusetts. Todd was arrested for the armed robbery. He allegedly held up the pharmacy of a Walgreens for a few bottles of Oxycontin and claimed that he had a bomb. Seriously, dude? That's stooping pretty low.

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