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Support Local Musicians During Bandcamp's Coronavirus Sale This Week

Help Arizona artists get what they're owed.
Counter Culture-Shock!
Counter Culture-Shock! Andy Warpigs
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Editor's note: Bandcamp is once again waiving its revenue share on Friday, May 1. This piece originally ran on March 20, which is when it first supported artists by not taking a cut from sales. We are rerunning this piece to help support Phoenix musicians.

The music industry is facing a crisis as the coronavirus slowly shuts society down. With venues across the country closed, bands have lost the ability to make money as live shows and merch sales are their main source of income.

For independent artists who distribute their music through Bandcamp, they may get a quick hit of economic relief on May 1. The company, which normally takes 15 percent on digital sales and 10 percent on merchandise, announced that they're waiving their revenue share in a gesture of support for artists during the pandemic.

For Valley music lovers wondering how they can support the local scene, this sale is a great way to help Arizona artists knowing that they’re getting all they're earning.

Are you trying to figure out what to pick up? Here are our picks for some of the best local records you can snag on Bandcamp.

Counter Culture-Shock! by Andy Warpigs

What To Expect
: With a Marc Bolan-esque warble in his voice and sneering punk attitude to spare, Andy Warpigs is one of the hardest-working DIY musicians. He also knows how to write one hell of a good hook.

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Assembly of Arsonists
THE END IS DEAR by Assembly of Arsonists

What To Expect
: If you need a soundtrack to the oncoming apocalypse, few records will get the job done as effectively as this anthemic slab of piano-driven punk rock by Travis James and his Assembly of Arsonists.

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DaDadoh + The POC
WOWEE by DaDadoh + The POC

What To Expect
: Frontman Bryan Preston (a.k.a. DaDadoh) the ringleader of an alt-rap circus, is "all ideas, no ceilings" on this party-ready punk rap album.

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Dinosaurs Have Feelings Too
Dinosaur Love

Dinosaurs Have Feelings Too by Dinosaur Love

What To Expect:
If you love The Beach Boys, The Microphones, or any Elephant 6 records, you'll love this lo-fi power pop album by Peter Kulikowski, Phoenix's number-one dinosaur fan.

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Thank You, I Love You
Veronica Everheart

Thank You, I Love You by Veronica Everheart

What To Expect
: If you're looking to get your singer-songwriter itch scratched, this charming record of soft-spoken but deeply felt tunes will hit the spot.

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Black Philip
Teek Hall

Black Philip by Teek Hall

What To Expect: If you really want to live deliciously, you'll have to cop this hard-knockin' record by the loquacious and relentless Teek Hall, one of Phoenix's finest rappers.

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Light It Up
The Haymarket Squares
Light It Up by The Haymarket Squares

What To Expect: Revolutionary rhetoric and finger-pickin' instrumentation come together on this release by Phoenix's finest purveyors of "punkgrass."

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Dreamy Draw
Josue Kinter

Dreamy Draw by Josue Kinter

What To Expect
: It wouldn't be an Arizona list without some cowboy music, even if it's as unconventional as this slice of slow, sunburned Gothic-Americana. Curl up by the campfire for some lonesome ballads.

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Popular Confessions
Paper Foxes

Popular Confessions by Paper Foxes

What To Expect: The Vice City-esque artwork (like if Shag did promo art for a line of ;80s shampoos) lets you know what you're in for. If you love Duran Duran, INXS, post-punk, and spiky-haired (and spiky-guitared) New Romantic tunes, Paper Foxes have got all the catchy neon New Wave-y goodness that you can handle.

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Debbie From Zumba
Playboy Manbaby

Debbie From Zumba by Playboy Manbaby

What To Expect: Motown used to call themselves "The Sound of Young America." Playboy Manbaby wouldn't be out of line to call themselves "The Sound of Young Arizona." Barely a decade old, the band and their infectious mix of garage rock, ska, punk, and B52's caffeinated party-starting energy have been the soundtrack for countless house shows and all-ages gigs.

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Jaime J. Soto, The Doyenne
Split by Jaime J. Soto // The Doyenne

What To Expect:
Related Records brings together two of the 'Zona's most innovative queer artists — Tucson's Jaime J. Soto and Phoenix's The Doyenne — to put out a pair of adventurous songs that push the boundaries of electronic dance music.

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Music Volume 1
The Stakes
Music Volume 1 by The Stakes

What To Expect
: The Roots aren't the only hip-hop band making heads bob and hips shake. Featuring the vocal prowess of Lord Kash and Holly Pyle, The Stakes weave together rap, pop, rock, and jazz to create a compelling cocktail of fresh hip-hop sounds.

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Electric Esoterica
Sunn Trio
Electric Esoterica by Sunn Trio

What To Expect
: Get your ecstatic trance on with the latest release by Sunn Trio, the powerhouse team of avant-garde rock-jazzcats who weave together Middle Eastern modalities and tones to create something that sounds like it's being beamed directly out of William S. Burroughs' opiated skull.

Honorable Mentions

These 13 records are just the tip of the iceberg. If you're eager to support more local music, consider downloading tracks from these worthy artists.

Adversary by The Blood Feud Family Singers

Wrath by Apex Nemesis

Felix Shrevolet by Bag of Tricks Cat

by Bella Lune

Time To Be Free Again by Dfactor

Reruns by End Credits

Mono or No Mono

Live at the Human Behavior House 07/01/2018 by Mooey Moobau // Hi My Name Is Ryan

Fiction by Pushing Pluto

Contraband by Scrupulous

Contextual Depreciation by Soft Shoulder

Coming Back by somespaceman

Slowly Advancing Minidisc Exorcism by Terminal 11
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