People said a lot at the inaugural Lost Lake Festival. And we were listening.EXPAND
People said a lot at the inaugural Lost Lake Festival. And we were listening.
Benjamin Leatherman

Shit People Said at the 2017 Lost Lake Festival

The inaugural Lost Lake Festival was a lively affair filled with nonstop activity. Besides three straight days of great performances to experience, there were art displays to check out, oversize games to play, and plenty of people-watching to be had.

Folks were also doing a lot of talking while hanging out at Lost Lake. And we were definitely listening.

Over the course of the weekend event, we heard snippets of conversations, hot takes, funny anecdotes, excited reactions, pretentious musings, embarrassing boasts, and drunken ramblings.

Some of it was revealing, and most of it was amusing.

Here's what we overheard.

Some people were at Lost Lake for the music.

“I need to see all these bands just to say I saw them.”

Or to see specific bands.

"I want to see The Roots because, you know, it's The Roots."

Others were seeking a different sort of life experience.

"I always wanted to do Ecstasy and today seemed like the perfect time to do it."

Folks really wanted to have fun.

“Are we going to have a great time or are we just going to talk about having a great time?”

There was a pecking order in some groups.

“I’m the HBIC here so I say where we’re going.”

People wore whatever they wanted to Lost Lake.

"I'm not wearing lingerie! It's a lacy bralette."

A few were extra-excited about their ensembles.

"I can wear it because I have boobs now!"

And a few dressed to impress.

"Lots of talent out here today, bro. Good thing I'm wearing my lucky shorts."

Some folks encountered new things.

“Whoa … I never knew there was a pond in the middle of this park.”

Local art car Walter the Bus at Lost Lake Festival.EXPAND
Local art car Walter the Bus at Lost Lake Festival.
Benjamin Leatherman

Or had unique reactions to some of Lost Lake’s attractions.

"Wow, is that like a giant bus or something?"

But not everyone enjoyed the enormous layout of the festival.

"Walking sucks! We should be able to Uber between stages."

There were some major creeps.

"Look at that ass! No, not that ass! That ass. The one over there in the cutoffs. The one that should be sitting on my face right now."

And a number of so-called pick-up artists.

"I'm not gonna lie: I had to kiss a lot of ugly bitches, man. I did a lot of things I'm not proud of. But I had to get my numbers up. I had to meet my quota."

People let out their inner spirit animals.

"Rawr, bitch! Rawr!"

There were life lessons to be learned at Lost Lake.

“You should probably never have a threesome when your friends are involved. Our whole group got really weird after that.”

Some had other things on their mind besides the music, like this one couple during The Killers’ set.

Him: "Is Sex and the City still happening?"
Her: "Like on TV?"
Him: "Yeah."
Her: "I think so."

Shit People Said at the 2017 Lost Lake FestivalEXPAND
Benjamin Leatherman

A lot of people were also impressed by the pyro displays that took place at the lake.

“Are they going to light up the lake again? That was fucking awesome.”

Others wanted to capture the moment.

"Oh, it's a show! I gotta Snap this."

Some folks got their first taste of seeing legendary artists like Huey Lewis and the News.

"Whoa … wasn't that guy in Die Hard?!"

Others were already familiar with the band.


It helped to keep track of who was playing when.

"Lil Yachty's at 9?! Fuck, dude! Let Jerry know. Jerry's gonna shit about this."

Even if people light railing home weren't quite sure what they experienced.

"We just went to the Lollapalooza downtown. Or whatever."

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