M83 Is Coming; Here are Five Reasons to See The Band Live

When I photographed M83 a few months ago, I was expecting to hear a bunch of cinematic instrumental music. I thought M83 worked better as background music than a live show. I couldn't have been more wrong.

If you also have M83 pegged as a run of the mill post- rock band, do yourself a favor and dig a little deeper into their catalog. The band is returning to the Valley on Wednesday, May 23, and its sound, pop driven, gauzy, and powerful, is definitely worth seeing.

Don't believe me? Allow me to try and convince you.

M83 is scheduled to perform at Marquee Theatre on Wednesday, May 23. Tickets go on sale April 6.

Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

This album isn't perfect, but it comes pretty damn close. A 74-minute double album with clips of little kids talking is a lot to take in, but if songs like "Midnight City," "Wait," and "Claudia Lewis" don't hook you on the first listen, give it another try later. The album is epic, complex, and a delight to listen to overall.

Sexy Marketing Ploys

Sure, a car commercial ruined Vampire Weekend. Think about it, can you tolerate listening to "Holiday" anymore? Fortunately, it's still exciting to hear "Midnight City" as the soundtrack to a Victoria's Secret ad.

Sexy Band Members

Anthony Gonzalez is a hot Frenchman with a good voice, need I say more? Okay, Morgan Kibby is pretty.

Set Design

The band had a gorgeous starry background and a light show that could put most EDM acts to shame. I wouldn't recommend the show to an epileptic, but considering how grandiose it was at Crescent Ballroom, I can only imagine how it can be taken to the next level at Marquee Theatre.

All in all, i's a great live show

Last and most importantly, M83 is not some humdrum instrumental band. The live show is engaging and has the potential to turn into a full-on dance party. Even if you aren't familiar with a certain song, the stage production and band itself is a lot of fun to watch. Both sides of the stage are good vantage points, whether you want to drool over Morgan Kibby or watch the guitarists dance around.

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