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Mesa Community College Beefs Up Music Biz Program: You Can Now Learn To Be Puff Daddy or Ian MacKaye

Ever wanted to learn a ton of shit about the music biz without going to Brooklyn to get P. Diddy a cookie or riding in a van with Ian MacKaye as he talks about not eating animals or drinking beer? Mesa Community College has you covered.

MCC has been beefing up it's Music Business program for a couple years now, and this fall adds classes in Artist Management, Concert Promotion, a Music Business class and songwriting workshops.

The instructors may actually know what they're doing, too.

Peter Sotos of Fireball Music Management is teaching the Artist Management class, which culminates with a group project where students work with actual bands.

"I will be teaching them how to effectively promote themselves, plan tours, network with the industry, build their fan base through create fan engagement campaigns, increase their draw at shows, get endorsements and corporate sponsorships, getting corporate funding for touring, get Radio airplay, and how to land Festival gigs. I will teach them how to maximize their time and effort so they are as productive as possible with the time they spend working on their band," he says. "I am also going to highlight successful managers and their approach to management so that they can see that there is no one way to take on this challenge."

Jeremiah Gratza of Stateside Presents/President Gator, meanwhile, will be teaching a concert promotions class, "designed for people seeking a career in concert promotion or artists and bands looking to learn inside tips for getting more gigs." Students will produce a concert at the end of the class.

Robb Vallier, who has a Grammy and an impressive list of credits, teaches workshops on songwriting and lyric writing.

Matthew Wenzlau, an Arizona music business attorney, teaches a basic Music Business intro classes..

More info in the Music Business program is here or enroll here.

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