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Mod Sun @ Club Red

Mod Sun — Dylan Smith to his mom — is happy. We're talking the kind of abnormally smiley and positive guy-you-want-to-punch-in-the-head-on-a-bad-day kinda happy. But on an average day, there's no doubt the dude's high energy and organic optimism can be downright infectious. Which is precisely why the 25-year-old stoner MC began making music he describes as "hippy-hop" in the first place. With a mission statement that says "choose to be happy" and song titles like "Stoner Girl" and "Stop Everything You're Doing Right Now and Smile," it's no secret this white boy is baked, but that doesn't mean the man lacks any degree of motivation. Nearly three years and 100 songs later, his quest to spread positivity and happiness under the moniker Mod Sun (which stands for "Movement on Dreams, Stand Under None," by the way) has been a success in reaching an enormous number of fans (or "friends," as he likes to call them) and has garnered hefty recognition for an independent MC. His newest single, "My Hippy," is an indisputable club anthem, mixing hard-hitting bass, electronics, and the kind of LMFAO catchiness that the dance patrons adores. Whether you're smiling with him because you're just as stoned as he is or smiling at him saying, "This dude is ridiculous," you're still smiling. What's the harm in that?

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Nicole Smith
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