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More Ways to Kill Time at Work: Phoenix Rock City and

By Brendan Joel Kelley computer.jpg Since I assume that if you're reading this you likely just don't have enough to do at your place of employment, I thought I'd point you towards another site that's got the potential to do some cool shit. It's, a site with a plethora of forums, and, well, that's all right now. After spending some time sorting through it, I've got to say that I think it's overreaching quite a bit. There are eighteen different categories for the forums, including "vaudeville," "alternative sports," and "dance/deejays," which pretty much eliminates the need for their "miscellaneous" category. As of now, a couple of months into the site's existence, at least eight of the categories have no posts at all.

If I were in charge of, I'd take a cue from the folks at and pare things down a bit. Thus far even the music forum is mostly musicians pimping their shows, which doesn't really make me want to come back regularly. The fun shit is when there are actual conversations, like on AZPunk. Of course, I'm sure the phoenixrockcity administrators are already paying attention to AZPunk, they don't need me to tell them that. So I'm hoping that the membership surges and the number of forums shrinks, then it could be a valuable resource.

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Brendan Kelley