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It's been a whirlwind couple of years for Franklin, Tennessee, punk-pop quintet Paramore. Signed to Fueled By Ramen in 2005, their debut All We Know Is Falling came out in the summer of that year, and they've been on the road pretty much ever since. Led by fetching red-haired teenage singer Hayley Williams, Paramore sounds like a cross between the chunky bouncy roar of Fall Out Boy and the tempered textures of early emo pioneer Rainer Maria. Indeed, the band leans much more toward churning midtempo alt-rock ("Let This Go," "My Heart") than racing three-minute blasts of punk-pop melody ("Whoa," "Pressure") on their debut. However, the first single, "Misery Business," off their forthcoming follow-up RIOT! (due June 12), is of the latter variety, an edgier high-throttle number in which Williams taunts her boyfriend's last lover, branding her a whore and suggesting, "I watched his wildest dreams come true/Not one of them involving you." Meow!
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