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Things have been fairly quiet on the Pinback front since the math-y, emo-rooted San Diego indie-pop outfit led by Rob Crow and Zach Smith finished the short touring cycle behind their last album, 2007's widely acclaimed Autumn of the Seraphs. Crow's been away from Pinback, doing the semi-jokey doom-metal thing with Goblin Cock (as well as myriad other projects) while Smith used the time to reunite his '90s indie-rock band, Three Mile Pilot. The Pinback hiatus is over, though, as the duo is at work on a new album set for release later this year on Temporary Residence. Whether the new material falls in line with Pinback's sound — high and appealing vocal harmonies, clean but driving and angular guitars, engaging melodies, loping bass lines, off-kilter rhythms, and electronic accouterments — or pushes things in a new direction remains to be heard. This tour may not provide many answers: Rather than delivering the usual full-band experience, it's simply the core twosome playing their tunes in an intimate, stripped-down manner (which is why this is being billed as the "Pinback Presents the Rob and Zach Show"). Songs from all the Pinback albums, as well as a smattering of new tracks, are promised. Rob and Zach are also promising a more "traditional" Pinback show down the line — probably upon the next album's release — but for now, Pinback in any form is very welcome.
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Michael Alan Goldberg