R. Kelly Tracklist, Juggalos Gather, Elton John Plays With Alice In Chains

Idolator: The Juggalos Gather: "Why Do They Hate Us? We're Just In A Forest Getting Drunk, Having Fun, And They Hate Us For It"
Electric Mustache: mp3: Peter, Bjorn and John "Nothing" (Woodhands Remix)
Idolator: Michael Jackson Movie To Touch Down In Theaters Just In Time For Halloween
Idolator: Is The R. Kelly Tracklisting Floating Around The Internet For Real?
NME: Elton John plays piano on new Alice In Chains song
Pitchfork: Morrissey: Don't Buy My Box Sets
Pitchfork: Spike Jonze-Directed Kanye West Short Film Gets Release Date
So Much Silence: Julian Plenti: Games for Days (video)


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