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Radar Brothers

L.A.'s Radar Brothers (formerly Radar Bros. — a subtle difference, but important) have been doing their thing for a while, putting out six records in the past 14 years, the latest being this year's The Illustrated Garden. Phoenix-based music blog So Much Silence hasn't been around quite as long, but is celebrating a pretty auspicious anniversary (its fifth!) at the Radar Brothers show at Yucca Tap Room. Though Radar Brothers have seen many personnel changes over their history — singer/guitarist Jim Putnam is the only founding member left — So Much Silence has been the one-man show of music journalist Kevin Murphy, save some periodic pieces from guest bloggers and celebrity contributors. (Murphy has wrangled some impressive names to be a part of "I Used to Love H.E.R.," an ongoing series featuring personal hip-hop highlights from the likes of G. Love, RJD2, and Man Man.) Radar Brothers have been a So Much Silence favorite, so they're a fitting choice for the anniversary show, adding their neo-Byrds melodies — consult "Horses Warriors" from the new album — to the festivities. Adding to the local fun, Letdownright, a band that counts Stinkweeds owner/fierce local business supporter Kimber Lanning as its drummer, opens.
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Albert Ching
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