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Seconds to Breathe

Seconds to Breathe is ready for radio. This modern rock quintet has been refining its sound during the past year, culminating with a brand-new album, Sirens. The band works the power chords and strategically places crescendos in a way that is danceable, but also creates the quintessential slow modern rock jam for couples cuddling on the couch with "Three Words." Acoustic guitars coupled with smooth, sincere vocals ("Ordinary Drive") make Seconds to Breathe the ideal band to be sandwiched between Shinedown and Seether on Mix 96, and apparently we're not the only ones who think so. Mix 96 held the "Have a Nice Gig" contest, where a local band would be chosen to open for rock king Bon Jovi. The station's listeners voted, and Seconds to Breathe, with its charming harmonies and soft percussion, made off with the gig.
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Chelsea Mueller
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