Swans' Michael Gira Returns With The Seer

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Swans frontman Michael Gira is an underappreciated impresario. He led one of the most pioneering acts of the early '80s until their initial dissolution in 1997. Their early grim, repetitive throb had the same menacing quality as the factory in David Lynch's Eraserhead. Their music was an important touchstone for later industrial, noise, and post-rock acts, without ever truly fitting in any of those categories.

After Swans breakup, Gira started sweeter, more melodic act, Angels of Light. He ran the Young God label that would produce breakthrough artists Akron/Family and Devendra Banhart. Over the years he's also published short stories. In 2010, he reconvened Swans and recently released their second album since that time, the double disc, The Seer.

We caught up with Gira on tour, and asked a few questions.

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