The 50 Most Beautiful People of Wet Electric 2016

When thousands of party fiends, electronic dance music fans, and members of the young-and-beautiful crowd invaded Big Surf this past weekend for Wet Electric, they came dressed for the occasion. After all, the annual EDM festival also serves as the largest pool party in Arizona, which meant that practically everyone at the Tempe waterpark was sporting swimsuits, party gear, or a combination of both.

And all of it was eye-catching for one reason or another.

Many wore flaunted their tanned and toned physiques and were virtual eye candy, while others wore fashionable or flirty ensembles. There were also those who went the colorful or crazier route with their outfits – such as wearing costumes or wrapping themselves in kandi — as they soaked up all the electronic sounds coming from the three different stages at the festival.

Suffice it to say, people watching was in abundance at Wet Electric 2016. And there were those who really stood out in the crowd.
Life in Color
She's like the EDM version of Rainbow Brite.

Riding High
Want to go head-to-head with these two in shoulder wars?

Fun With Floats
He's so channeling his inner 8-year-old right now.

Bikini Beach
Rocking two-piece swimwear with style.

Cute Salute
Y'all got moxy, kids. 

Sleeveless Sirens
The difference between you and them? They make tank tops look good. 

Dapper Dude
Making a fashion statement at the Silent Disco.

Party Animals
Combining water safety with wildlife and wild times.

Tongue 'n' Grooves
Seeing if her gal pal has good taste.

The members of Dada Life are never without their favorite fruit.

Pretty on Pink
Going for a fling on a flamingo. 

Fox Force Five
Only at an EDM festival can you look stylish while bombing around with a unicorn and inflatable pickle.

Passion of the Partiers
The power of Christ compels you (to rage).

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