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The Best Decade in Rock and Roll History: 1967-1977

I'm feeling a little guilty about last week's column, in which I took the crappy popular music of the '80s to task (High School Music: A Reunion from Hell).

Why? It was negative, and generally I like to promote good music instead of baggin' on bad stuff. I've fed my family for almost thirty years by peddling music, and I still stand in awe of everyone who can (or even has the guts to try) make music. As a creative person, I understand how tough it is to put yourself out there. I'd rather just leave the criticism to others.

So this week, in contrast to dogging a decade, I'd like to prop one up. Actually, not a "standard" decade, but ten consecutive years nonetheless. The best ten years in the history of rock and roll music: 1967 - 1977.

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