The End of the Lopsided World: Jonathan L's Last Radio Shows are This Weekend

If you've been following the debate about the movement to get Phoenix's NPR station, KJZZ, to play some indie rock, you may have seen the name Jonathan L tossed around a bit.

The 30-year DJ, who has had an alternative show since 1986, does a twice-weekly shift on the normally metal-centric KUPD. It's called "The Lopsided World of Jonathan L" and features stuff like Slash, Ozzy and and HIM mixed in with Editors, Surfer Blood and Ted Leo. Pretty interesting.

Unfortunately, at age 63, L is sort of old to be our indie rock savior, which is why he's retiring after this weekend's shows.

"I have had a great radio career for three decades. No one, and I mean no one, has had the freedom in radio musically I have been blessed with from start, and now the finish," he told allaccess.com. "I could say I am leaving while the getting is good, but that would be bullshit. I am leaving to retire, enjoy life, and travel the world. As a cancer survivor since 1996, I have looked forward to every day, and now I am looking forward to enjoying life the way it is meant to be. Life is short, be happy."

I wish Jonathan L happy trails. Hopefully someone can step into his slot and play a little indie rock, though I have to bet this opens up more room space for Korn Bizkits.

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