The Five Must-Hear Songs by Phoenix Musicians in November 2020

Singer Veronica Everheart unveils a catchy new pop-rock ballad.
Singer Veronica Everheart unveils a catchy new pop-rock ballad. Alyssa Song.
Live concerts are on hold, but local bands releasing new music? That's still going strong.

We’ve collected some of November's local music offerings that make the scene shine. Check 'em out.

Veronica Everheart — "Through the Nite"

As part of Phoenix New Times' fall music preview, we highlighted Veronica Everheart's upcoming full-length, It's Lighter in the Morning. The album, due out in December, finds the young singer-songwriter delving into themes of "heartbreak and self doubt." We got our first taste of Everheart's emotional journey with "Through the Nite." Over jangly alt rock guitars and slightly off-kilter harmonies, Everheart firmly wears her heart on sleeve for a genuinely earnest ballad. It's also a truly epic slice of '90s weirdness — not bad for someone born circa 2000.

Treasure MammaL — "Chillionaire"

Treasure MammaL fans, your long, arduous wait is over: Phoenix’s most kooky band have finally unveiled their latest album, Grammy Nominated. The entire 12-track LP is chock full of the bizarre musical experiments that have served as the topsy-turvy foundation of this long-standing outfit. But if you’re looking for a genuine standout, you need only check out "Chillionaire." This gleefully titled track is a peppy little shot of lounge music-meets-Tropicana — if said club took place in a seedy basement or burnt out Chuck E. Cheese. Regardless, it's just good to have more deeply odd music for deeply odd times.

Janelle Loes — "Leverage"

Speaking of our fall music preview, singer-songwriter Janelle Loes also made an appearance. Next February will see the release of her sophomore album, Stranger, recorded alongside Grammy-nominated producer Andy Thompson. Loes released the title track in October, and this month she returns with "Leverage." The song, "inspired by dark crime dramas" like Dexter and The Following, sees Loes take on a slightly darker, more mysterious tinge to her otherwise lush pop stylings. It's a promising next step for a dynamic young talent.

Jack Dillinger and the Bandits — "Strange Dreams"

Jack Escobar is an interesting character. By day, he's a public defender for the Gila River Indian Community. But by night, he's the frontman of Jack Dillinger and the Bandits. This month, the group released a new five-song EP, Get Away Clean, a rollicking cross-section of their '60s-tinged garage rock. Case in point: "Strange Dreams," a surf-inspired jam comprised of equal parts croon-worthy vocals and off-center poetry (referencing an "improvised explosive device" and a cracked-open chest). Maybe lawyers are actually cool after all.

The Stakes — "Hard Times"

The Stakes describe themselves as "Phoenix's source for live hip-hop, jazz, and soul." That certainly describes their new five song EP, Now or Never, a sampler platter of dense grooves, lyrical showmanship, and boundless heart and emotion. But give an extra spin or two to EP standout "Hard Times." Here, the group's multi-faceted approach shines bright as they spin together a horn-heavy shot of neo-soul marked by extra crisp harmonies and sturdy bars from Lord Kash and ZeeDubb. Call this what you will, but it’s music that seeps into your bones.

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