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First Friday

Tonight's First Friday: Bob Dob, DJ Proper Villain, Revolver Records, and More

If attending myriad First Fridays have taught us anything, it's that the name of the game is truly "right place, right time." Example: You could spend the entire evening over on Grand Avenue gawking at the various pint-sized art spaces and boutiques that make up Paisley Town followed by a...
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If attending myriad First Fridays have taught us anything, it's that the name of the game is truly "right place, right time." Example: You could spend the entire evening over on Grand Avenue gawking at the various pint-sized art spaces and boutiques that make up Paisley Town followed by a trip to Tilt Gallery or Trunk Space.

But then you'd miss all the live bands at the Art Institutes concert stage or the gravity-defying b-boys and breakdancers who are usually found at the intersection of Fifth and Garfield streets. (Not to mention the wacko performance artists walking the streets and sidewalks of Roosevelt Row, the poi-spinning dancers at the Firehouse, or the myriad other artistic and musical adventures that usually accompany the monthly artwalk).

What we're getting at is that it probably would behoove you to plan ahead on what to experience during tonight's First Friday. Thankfully, we've done all the legwork and rustled up a list of what's happening when and where. (Also, check out "Arty Girl" Lilia Menconi's extensive coverage from this past week for all of the biggest shows and events).

And just in case you do miss out on some of the gnarly happenings, don't panic. We'll be out and about tonight armed with cameras and promise to get snapshots of some of all the dopeness that will go down for our usual First Friday slideshow on Monday.

In the meantime, hit the jump for the listings.


Afida's Hair Culture
116 East Roosevelt Street

DJ Tony Culture will be spinning reggae, dancehall, and old-school music starting at 8 p.m. Call 602-258-4992.

Alwun House
1204 East Roosevelt Street

A "Sizzling First Friday" of music, art, and entertainment awaits at the Alwun, including gigs by the Provocatease Burlesque Variety Show, juggler Chase Archer, music by Dangerville and Male Pattern Radness, and others. 8:30 p.m., $7. An opening reception for the current showcase of local African-American artists (such as Archie Coles, Diann Dillon, Jackie Tobias, Kiubia Owens, and Steven Mark) is also planned. 6 p.m., free. Call 602-253-7887.

901 North Fifth Street

The DJ duo of Djentrification and Tararista will spin out front while Shining Soul, Nathan Nichols, and other bands will be on the stage in the back. 6 p.m. Call 602-237-5446.

eye lounge
419 East Roosevelt Street

The closing reception for Lisa Corine von Koch's Beeswane exhibition of large-scale sculptures will be held in the East Gallery and Project Room, while the biologically-inclined oil paintings of Zac Zetterburg's Corpuscles from the Cognitive Niche showcase are featured in the West Gallery. 5 p.m.. Call 602-430-1490.

The Firehouse
1015 North First Street

If you get tired of watching fire dancing on the sidewalk or DJ Julio spinning on the roof, then check out the paintings and sphere-like metal sculptures of Eric Babcock and the travel photography of Michael 23 in the gallery. Singer/songwriter Lolo, Rolling Stones tribute band Love in Vain, and the musicians of Thunder Stump will also be doing their thing on the backyard stage. 6 p.m. Call 602-300-7575.

Five 15
515 East Roosevelt Street

Multimedia artist Alison Sweet will present a series of lightboxes displaying 16mm film excerpts from the 1970s which provide (in her words) "An Illuminated look at movement and cultural gesture." 5 p.m. Call 602-256-0150.

821 North Third Street

Radio Phoenix hosts an evening of live music featuring Terra Firma, Dee Jay Flic, and others. 8 p.m. Call 602-475-8519.

The Lost Leaf
914 North 5th Street

A new batch of artwork will hanging on the walls of the Fifth Street mainstay and the duo of Lonna Kelley and Mark will provide the music. 5 p.m. Call 602-258-0014.

Modified Arts
407 East Roosevelt Street

The paintings of Melanie Corradi and Scott Allison will be featured. 6 p.m. 602-462-5516.

905 North Fourth Street

The spot formerly known as Fate will likely be over flowing with hipsters and urbanites as they get their drink while DJ Proper Villain works the ones and twos. 8 p.m. Call 602-254-6424.

Perihelion Arts
610 East Roosevelt Street

SoCal artist Bob Dob will be in attendance for the opening reception of his macabre Black Eyed Mousketeers series, which features creepy-yet-cute drawings and paintings of child-like figures. 6 p.m. Call 602-334-6299.

Revolver Records
918 North Second Street

A slew of local bands will be playing outside of the store, including Skinwalkers, Man About a Dog, Kustom Deluxe, Mongo, and others, 7 p.m. Call 602-795-4980.

UM Gallery
909 North Fifth Street

The DJs of Universatile Music will be on the wheels of steel on the porch while new art hangs in the gallery. 6 p.m.


Deus Ex Machina
1023 Grand Avenue

This four-member collective will present some of its newest efforts, including works by Jeff Falk, Richard Bledsoe, and Steve Gompf. 6 p.m. Call 602-487-0669.

Paisley Violin
1030 Grand Avenue

There will be art aplenty at this Grand Avenue hangout, whether it's the still life paintings of Polly Swann in the restaurant proper or outside the numerous galleries and boutiques of Paisley Town. Seashell Radio, Jeremy Serwer, and other musicians will also be in attendance. 6 p.m. Call 602-254-7843.

Trunk Space
1506 Grand Avenue

A closing reception for "The Grid: Music Edition" (an elaborate visual representation of the various bands and musicians that make up the vastly interconnected Phoenix music scene) will be held starting at 6 p.m., while San Francisco's Jehovah's Fitness and locals Stellaluna and Porches will perform starting at 9 p.m.
Call 602-256-6006.


@Central Gallery
1221 North Central Avenue

Patrons can peruse Rachel Wilson's mixed-media series "Alphabet Ruins" and Angela Cazel Jahn's the found object "Code Loves You" at the in-house gallery at the Burton Barr Central Library. 7 p.m. Call 602-256-3521.

After Hours Gallery
116 West McDowell Road

If you can tear yourself away from Roosevelt Row, head up to McDowell the check out the large collection of African artworks and masks that will be on display. 6 p.m. Call 602-710-2398.

Bar Smith
130 East Washington Street

DJ Paparazzi, Dirty Dave, DJ Nth, and Gadgert Girl will be the special guests at Fuse Fridays. 9 p.m., $5 before midnight. Call 602-229-1265.

108 East Pierce Street

The paintings of Shakur will hang from the walls of the Jamaican eatery and reggae band Purple Kush will drop some irie tunes outside. 7 p.m. Call 602-267-1266.

Hob Nob's Coffee House
149 West McDowell Road

Enjoy music from the alt-rockers of Jake (...) while sampling some Hob Nob's selection of coffee, teas, and other high-octane beverages. 7 p.m. Call 602-253-9220.

First Christian Church
6750 North Seventh Avenue

A dozen local bands (including The Constellation Branch, Fireside Galaxy, pacKrat, Out of Reverie) will rock out at WestFest. 1:30 p.m., $7. Call 602-246-9206.

Homme Lounge
138 West Camelback Road

The DJs of Party Foul! (including Kevin the Makeout Bandit, Bigie, and BC/AD) will stage their weekly dancefest. 9 p.m. No cover before 11 p.m., $6 afterwards. Call 602-234-3023.

Practical Art
5070 North Central Avenue

An opening reception for Layla Luna's ornithological-themed painting showcase "Aviary" will be held. 7 p.m. Call 602-264-1414.

The Ruby Room Lounge
717 South Central Avenue

The "Singer/Songwriter Happy Hour" featuring Doug Bale, Mustard, DFactor, and other guests takes place 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., while Burning Phoenix will rock the joint starting at 9 p.m. Call 602-258-0069.

Seamus McCaffrey's
18 West Monroe Street

After peeping paintings and pics all evening, stop by this downtown pub for a pint of Guinness and an earful of Irish music from Galway Bridge. 9 p.m. Call 602-253-6081.

1514 North Seventh Avenue

The kooky, comic-like works of Luster Kaboom will be the featured art work at this popular CenPho drinkery. Call 602-254-1646.

The Turf
705 North First Street

Americana/rock band 13 to the Gallows are scheduled to perform. 8 p.m. Call 602-296-5043.

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