U-Fest, Brazilian Day Arizona 2011, Scandalesque, Carla Bozulich, and Down Over the Weekend

Red, White and U-Fest in Photos Firebird International Raceway was invaded over the weekend by some of the heaviest metal bands ever to grace the radio waves of KUPD. Five Finger Death Punch, Anthrax, Filter and more descended upon the stage to rock and rock hard...see photos.

Hot Chicks and Metal Dudes at U-Fest KUPD's Red, White and U-Fest brought a ton of metal acts to Firebird International Raceway on September 10. But let's be honest. There's more to see at a rock festival than merely the talent. People watching was at an all time high. Here are some of the hot, rock chicks and black T-shirt-wearing, metal men we scoped during the show...see photos

Brazilian Day Arizona 2011 How do you celebrate the culture of Brazil? You dance your ass off. That's exactly what happened at Brazilian Day Arizona 2011. Performers including Grupo Sambe-Abah, Grupo Axe Xapoeira, Som Brasil, DJ Chris Brazil, and DJ Seduce kept the crowd moving all night...see photos

Scandalesque High Rise NSFW The newest Scandalesque show, High Rise, filled Tempe's Venue 104 with a combination of sex, skin and scintillating burlesque on Friday and Saturday night. The girls of Scandalesque busted out of their bustiers as they busted out a smoky combination of singing, dancing and trapeze striptease...see photos

Carla Bozulich at Trunk Space Badwater Bob is charming, but not much more than a rudimentary guitarist. His voice, though, is clearly why Carla Bozulich, the woman we are here to see, has invited him along on her tour promoting her new album In Animal Tongue. Bozulich is sitting with us, huddled in a close circle, leading the refrain from the floor while Bob does so from the stage...full story

Down at Marquee Theater You have to feel band for opening acts. Upon arriving at the Down concert last night, Ponykiller had just ended its set and In Solitude was in full force, playing their hearts out on the stage for a half-full Marquee Theater...full story

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Jonathan McNamara