Video: Maynard James Keenan Talks Jerome Tourism, Wine, and Puscifer

When we talked to Maynard James Keenan for our cover story on the new Puscifer album, we shot some videos asking the man, the myth, and the legend about his favorite places in Jerome, the wines he prefers, as well as getting some of his thoughts on some of the forces influencing the new album, Money Shot, which is out October 30. Puscifer and Tool play Tempe Beach Park this weekend as part of the Monster Mash music festival. 

As we wrote in our cover story, it doesn't take long for wine to come up in a conversation about music with Keenan.

Spend a weekend wine-tasting there and it seems every brand-new winery is either owned or staffed by former employees of one of Keenan's various wine properties. Two prominently placed stores in old-town Jerome bear the fruits of Keenan's labor. The first is Puscifer the Store, a spacious gift shop selling all sorts of Puscifer-branded merchandise, from T-shirts to signed albums to jewelry shaped in the band's logo. There are even a few hairdressers operating in the shop's downstairs level, coyly named "Barbifer." Just down the street is Caduceus Cellars, a tasting room filled with racks of bottles where wine and music lovers alike gather to taste $14 flights of Keenan's wine.
"Park far away and walk. There's not a lot of parking in Jerome; don't get in people's way." he said. "For God's sake don't stand in the street. It's a street. There are sidewalks. Ya idiot."

In the second video, he explains some of the influences that affected the making of Money Shot. Turns out he's a fan of the Hannibal series on NBC.

Check out the videos below, shot by Jim Louvau. 

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