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Watch the New Arrested Development Trailer: "Final Countdown" Is Rehabilitated

Arrested Development ruined the Segway. Lots of things ruined the Segway -- don't get me wrong -- but the first time Gob Bluth made his dramatic, perfectly self-confident entrance into the frame on his fanny-packed Segway, he instantly summed up all the worries people had about them. Will this make me look ridiculous? Will I look like a conceited jerk for driving one? Would it be cool to put a fanny pack on the front of it?

That was one thing Arrested Development did well and frequently: It could point out exactly what was ridiculous in something -- almost in passing -- and it could target that ridiculous thing so narrowly and frequently that it almost felt affectionate, after a while. "The Final Countdown" by Europe was one of those things, and one of several songs that got that treatment.

Now it's in the long, long, long, long-awaited Arrested Development Season 4 trailer, which you can see after the jump (if you haven't already.)

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Dan Moore