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X-TG (Members of Throbbing Gristle) Revive Nico's Lost Classic, Desertshore

By Alex Jarson

Okay, we know you just love the Velvet Underground--you're sporting the latest fall calendar Urban Outfitters top, your mom took you to get the Warhol Banana tattooed on your bicep, and you think they're the greatest, most provocative band to have ever graced this earth. You even play Nico's Chelsea Girl from time to time and swear to god you know who Lou Reed is. (Didn't he do some stuff with Metallica or something?) It's okay, we get it. You're cool. You don't have to prove it to us. But who is Nico?

Nico is the soul behind the monotone voice you love in Velvet songs like "I'll Be Your Mirror" and "There She Goes Again." She is proud, prominent, and very hard to ignore. As her musical career progressed away from the Velvet Underground, she continued to serve as a beacon of truth. Despite whatever sorrows come your way, history will pay tribute to the character you made of yourself.

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