It doesn't rain in Phoenix!
It doesn't rain in Phoenix!
Ray Stern

10 Myths About Arizona Debunked in 2014

2014 was a myth-busting year for Arizona.

In the last year, we saw some stereotypes and myths about Phoenix and Arizona go down the drain. Check out 10 such examples:

10.) Democrats are gaining ground

There was a popular thought that the Democratic party was gaining ground in Arizona, and that a Democrat could even be elected to a statewide office. Nope.

9.) The Lost Dutchman's gold is still out there

Another year, no gold. 8.) Jan Brewer couldn't make a Democrat happy

With year after year of Brewer angering all 12 or 13 liberals in Arizona, she actually made some of them happy last year, with her veto of SB 1062, and her successful push to expand the state's Medicaid program.

7.) Scorpions kill people

They do, but rarely. According to state health department stats, no one's died from a scorpion sting in the previous 10 years, and there were no published reports last year about any deaths from scorpion stings. 6.) We're running out of water

This has been said every year for decades. A quick check of the faucet shows we're not out yet.

5.) Gay marriage will never be legalized here

Not because the voters wanted it that way, but the legization of same-sex marriage happened nonetheless. 4.) It never rains in Phoenix

10 Myths About Arizona Debunked in 2014

Well, if your neighborhood was one of the places that flooded this year, you know that's not true.

3.) An NHL team can't survive here

Again, it's something that's said year after year, and yet, the Arizona Coyotes are still here. 2.) Joe Arpaio is untouchable

It certainly seems that way, given what he's gotten away with over the last two decades, but the federal judge in Arpaio's racial profiling case has threatened criminal contempt charges for the sheriff.

1.) It never snows in Phoenix

The National Weather Service confirmed a "light dusting" of snow in late December in north Scottsdale and Cave Creek.

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